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Supplying all kinds of Iranian and foreign slabs, travertine, granite, marble, onyx, tiles and slabs


Crystalline slabs can be used in indoor and outdoor places and have a modern look


Marble slabs for use in luxury and modern places and creating dreamy places


Onyx slabs to create a colorful and diverse and very luxurious place


Granite slabs for use in special places and different designs

About Farhan Stoen World

Farhan Stone World, with more than 10 years of experience in producing, supplying, and supplying luxury construction stones, has always tried to provide and supply the general and partial needs of luxury buildings in operation.

Farhan Stone World is serving mass builders and dear architects by supplying all kinds of marble, crystal, marble, and granite in the slab, and tile dimensions. The quality of the stones available in the Farhan Stone Showroom is guaranteed and they are hand-picked from the best factories in Iran.

Farhan Stone Showroom in Mahmood Abad Industrial City has been opened for as many loved ones as possible and invites you to visit the stones to have a pleasant selection of building stones.

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Variety in products

Farhan stone world is exemplary in producing different types of slabs and produces diversity in the production of slabs with different colors and materials.

fast delivery

Farhan stone world will try with all its might to prepare and send the orders in the shortest possible time

Guaranteed quality

Farhan stone world does its best to provide slabs with the best quality and fully guaranteed to its dear customers.

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