کریستال ازنا
کریستال ازنا
کریستال ازنا
کریستال ازنا

Azna Crystalline

Azna crystalline stone is known as one of the most famous and best-quality white crystalline stones in Iran and one of the best crystalline stones around the world.

Azna crystalline stone is one of the highest-quality crystals due to its smooth surface and minimal waves and streaks. However, due to its structural characteristics and extremely beautiful and luxurious appearance, the price of Azna crystalline stone is more appropriate and accessible than similar foreign stones.

Azna crystalline stone processing requires high precision and skill due to the presence of hairline cracks in it. The good abrasiveness of this stone is due to its high density and fine crystallines, so the Azna stone abrasive must be suitable and high-quality so that its transparency can be seen in the best way.

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سنگ اسلب سفید

Azna crystalline stone

Azna crystalline stone in the form of book match and form match slabs for decorative walls adds breathtaking beauty and magnificent peace to the space. Also, the use of large Azna stone slabs, in addition to showing their glory and perfection, is considered a valuable asset for any project.

In terms of technical specifications, Azna stone has a high resistance to environmental conditions, including atmospheric fluctuations, water penetration and chemical substances. For this reason, it is very suitable to use this stone as a countertop or stone for kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware, and bathrooms, which are more prone to spilling water and acidic substances, and unlike other stones, it does not get damaged easily.

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